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Help parents find better answers to their toughest questions about parenting their teenagers and young adults.

As kids grow up, parents need a new posture that helps their family grow together. Growing With is filled with tips to equip leaders to support parents and families as they:

  • accept the kid they have, not the kid they wish they had
  • develop empathy that nudges rather than judges
  • fight for their child, not against them
  • connect their children with a faith and church big enough to handle their doubts and struggles
  • dive into tough discussions about dating, career, and finances
  • … and more!
Here are four ways you can use Growing With in your ministry:

1. Start a discussion group for parents of teenagers and young adults in your church.
Growing With is filled with stories from Kara’s, Steven’s, and other parents’ experiences, introducing three strategies which parents can apply and leaders can encourage. Each chapter concludes with a set of questions which can be used for personal reflection or group discussion.

2. Give parents of graduates the gift of Growing With.
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3. Use withing, faithing, and adulting in a preaching or teaching series.
Help your congregation find new ways to empathize and grow with teenagers and young adults.

4. Use it to inspire and equip your ministry to parents and families.

Help parents find better answers to their toughest questions about parenting their teenagers and young adults.

Is there a connection between Growing Young and Growing With?

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Growing up doesn’t have to mean growing apart.

Discover three groundbreaking family strategies
designed to help you join your teenager on a journey of growth.
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Leader Resources from the Fuller Youth Institute

3 Faith-building tips printable poster

Print our poster, put it up in a place where you’ll see it every day, and use it to spark empowering conversations with parents and families in your church.


3 Faith-building tips any leader can offer parents

Parents raising teenagers and young adults fear that as kids grow up, they’ll grow apart. What’s more, they worry their kids will grow away from God. Watch Kara Powell and Steven Argue share 3 faith-building tips any leader can offer parents.

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Growing Young

6 Essential Strategies to Help Young People Discover and Love Your Church

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Can I Ask That? 

8 Hard Questions About God and Faith.
Leader & Student Guides

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Every Parent’s Guide to Navigating Our Digital World Parent Workshop Kit

Two-part parent workshop series with ready-made scripts, slides, and promotional tools that puts the power of connection in your hands. Available now in our online shop.

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Start a Growing With Parent Class at Your Church

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Discover tools to help inspire and equip parents and families in your congregation.
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