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This guide is a companion for small groups as they read Growing With: Every Parent’s Guide to Helping Teenagers and Young Adults Thrive in Their Faith, Family, and Future together. Purchase Growing With alongside copies of the Small Group Discussion Guide for your group today. Bulk-order discounts available exclusively in the FYI Store.

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You’re invited to join our small group discussion on the popular parenting book, Growing With. As parents of teenagers and young adults we fear that as our kids group up, our families will grow apart. During this 8-week small group journey we’ll read Growing With together, share our parenting and stepparenting experiences, reflect, pray, and build a support network of fellow parents. We hope you’ll come grow with us as we learn how to grow closer to our kids.

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Join our Growing With parenting discussion group! During this 8-week journey, parents of teens and young adults are invited to share stories, reflect, and pray as we read Growing With together. Come grow with us as we learn how to grow closer to our kids.


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Join Steve and Kara for a six part series of conversations with parents who share about the challenges they’re facing and the questions they’re asking on the parenting journey. 

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